Welcome to this little personal project!

This page is a hobby. I'm a 33 years old German living in Tokyo. I'm postdoc researcher in AI with a huge passion for music. Also I try to understand music theory, which led me write a first demo app of a guitar fret visualization. Some more apps came together and I thought: why not polishing them up a bit and release them as a little tool-chain for fellow musicians? This is how chordclash.net was borned.
I'm continuously coding new apps or improving existing. If you have a certain app idea - which can't be found on the web right now and would fit in the context of this website, please approach me! I would be also happy about any bug reports, just write me an email to: cnlimberg[ät]gmail[döt]com
More about my person and about my research and other projects can be found on my personal website: climberg.de

This page is currently optimized for the Google Chrome browser.