The Guitar app visualizes musical scales on a virtual guitar fretboard. It supports custom tunings, colorizes notes within the scale and depicts different chord fingerings.
A sophisticated metronome, that supports a variable number of beats and BPM, triplets, changeable sounds and visual queues, a training mode and also an export and share functionality.
A table with every musical note, its frequency and its Midi notation. The base frequency of the A4 note can be changed. Further, by clicking on a table row, the underlying note is played. Chords can be played by clicking on multiple notes.

Beta Tools and Halfbaked Prototypes

Visualize the spectrum of frequencies recorded live by the microphone of your computer. The visualizer supports various input settings and multiple shader programs can be overlayed for visualizing the current sound scape with very little latency.
A little tool that let's you explore musical scales by entering some chords you are playing. Explore different scales matching your chords and find out more chord variations that fit to that scale.
Tune all kinds of instruments with selectable base frequencies. Further the tuner can be used to visualize the overtones of your instruments.
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